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Dr. Larry Pillstrom invented the original snake tong in 1954 and we are still going strong! Most other snake tongs are copied from the Pillstrom tong.  So why buy the others when you can have the best!


Our Tongs

Handmade in the USA, Owned and operated by three genarations of Veterans. Made of durable and long lasting tempered aircraft aluminum, the Pillstrom Tongs are a must when working with reptiles.  Our tongs have a solid stainless steel rod drive shaft and a  stainless steel spring located at the handle so it doesn't get tangled when doing field work.  The tong can be used on top of the ground, in holes, under water or anywhere you desire to catch or handle objects. Great for grilling, landscaping, reptile handling, trash retrieval and much more!


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Each tong is unconditionally guaranteed to give satisfaction or your money will be refunded immediately! Celebrating 60 plus years of service, Pillstrom Tongs is your number one tool for handling snakes and much more.



Dear Mr. Pillstrom,"Your tongs recently kept a coworker and me out of a very sticky situation. We were harvesting snakes, mostly larger rattlers, from a ridge along the backside of our ranch in Texas. The ridge is punctuated by long and deep running crevices along its full length, almost honeycombed by the caves. As we were working one set of holes, several large rattlers plummeted down from above us where we had disturbed them at their denning area. They slid down the steep embankment and all around us, crawling quickly in all directions - including on top of us as we eased along the craggy cave entrance on our bellies!

Needless to say, we truly appreciated the Pillsrom Tongs as our dependable and trust "best friends" on that memorable day!! All the snakes were controlled, no bites occurred, and we can now laugh about the scene—we often wonder about what we would have looked like on video scrambling around to protect ourselves and crawling willy-nilly to catch all those big guys that came our way!! Thanks again for building and providing us with such a great tool!"

Best Regards, Bayou Bob Popplewell Santo, Texas

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