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Pillstrum Tongs -  Contact us in Rogers, Arkansas, to order our durable tongs that can be used as a barbecue tool, animal removal device, and trash pickup.
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Discover your source for the most professional and most durable tongs in the industry, Pillstrom Snake Tongs. Safe, effective, durable, and lightweight, Pillstrom Snake Tongs is the original snake tongs, great for the capture, removal, or handling of snakes. From retrieving animals or trash, there are many uses for this incredible tool. You can use it as a log turner for your fireplace, you can use it for barbecue grillwork, as fishing lure retriever, paper and trash pickup device, and more. Control snakes easily with Pillstrom Tongs!

For you snake hunters purchasing the "cheap imitations" of American Tongs. You're buying tongs that are made in Pakistan and
sold through dealers in the USA. Please look at the link - email proof. Notice the ones with different types being produced. We at Pillstrom Tongs will not let a foreign nation produce our tongs then resell in the USA. Please buy AMERICAN MADE TONGS!
Larry Pillstrom

Collect more snakes safely by using the Pillstrom tong for snake removal.

We give bulk quantity discounts!

Contact us in Rogers, Arkansas, to order our durable tongs that have a million and one uses!!
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